Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Make It a Steal!

Christmas is a time for giving. Since I'm asking you to trust me enough to get a copy of my Christmas ebook, the least I can do is give back in return. As I stated earlier, I am delighted to heap lots of quality goodies into a "Regency Christmas Package" so that you'll be delighted, too. I won't ask for a penny more for all the bonuses and premiums--if you had to pay extra for them, they would no longer be gifts!

So here's the deal (and I'll make it a steal!) When you get just one copy of "Regency House Christmas" (title to be changed, possibly to "Christmas in England: Under George IV") you will not only receive more than 175 info-packed pages with readings, stories, poems, recipes, lavish illustrations, additional downloads, links, shopping tips, and more, BUT you will also get: (drumroll, please)

ALL of the following:
1. Fabulous Pumpkin Pie Recipes
2. Christmas Cookie Recipes
3. Great Gifts in a Jar
4. How to Deal With Holiday Stress
5. Carols and Hymns, Traditional and Ancient, for a Regency Yuletide Celebration
6. Holiday Candy
7. Christmas With Sir Roger de Coverly (18th Century)
8. English Housewifery Exemplified (1794 Cookbook--the Complete Text!)
9. "Little Britain" by Washington Irving
10. "The Mistletoe Bough" (a treasure from Trollope)
11. "Old Christmas" (another Irving gem, with quaintness to the nth degree)
12. "Ancient English Ballads for Christmas"
13. "The Bells" (A touching tale of the Season)
14. "The Chimes" (A Dickens'Story)
15. "Under the Mistletoe" (A holiday "Home Sweet Home" from Louisa May Alcott)
16. The Young Readers Christmas Book
17. King Winter (An old, old, German Children's book, translated, with original illustrations)
18. Aesop's Fables for Children (Beautifully illustrated! And not just for kids.)
19. A Puritan Christmas (In which Christmas in old America comes alive.)
20. American Christmastides: "A Winter Roundup" (Heartwarming delights)
21. "Our Christmas at Wheathedge" (American Christmastide)
22. "An Old Time Christmas" by Paul Lawrence Dunbar (American)
23. American Christmastide (This one by Jane Abbott)
24. "October Charades" (Perfectly demonstrates how the Christmas parlour game was played!)
25. Peace on Earth, Good Will to Dogs (A hilarious American tale)
26. "The Old Peabody Pew" (Another offering of Christmas Americana)
27. "Cowboy Christmas" (Old-time Western Christmas)
28. "The Christmas Waits in Boston"
29. "Christmas on Old, Windy Mountain"
30. Christmas Eve on Lonesome (an excerpt)
31. The Famous "Unfinished Christmas Story"
32. Red-Robin ("The effect was very Christmasy")

HAD ENOUGH, YET? Wait, there's more!

33. 115 Gift-Giving Tips
34. The Big Book of Christmas Tales (35 more stories for hearth-side pleasure)
35. Christmas Song Book (22 Carols including musical scores)
36. 50 Great Christmas Decorating Ideas on a Budget
37. Fun Craft Projects
38. A Read-Aloud Book of Children's Fables

And that's not all--right now I'm in the process of working with people to get even more freebies!
My next post will have more details on them, as well as suggestions on how, exactly, to use all this great stuff!

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