Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Make It Delicious!

There are hundreds of recipes in the "Regency Christmas Package," meaning, that if your taste buds--and those of the ones you love--aren't fully delighted this coming Christmas season, all season long, then you haven't been exploring all the possibilities at your fingertips--if you have the package, of course.

Are you a history buff? Make an authentic old English syllabub--a Regency dessert that was highly popular with everyone from Jane Austen to the prince regent! (It's in the book).

Like puddings--without any modern chemicals and better-tasting beside? (There's a whole book of 'em in the package.)

Like REAL food, period?! The beauty of old recipes is that there are no additives, no food colorings, no chemicals, just 100% all-natural ingredients. That doesn't mean it's all necessarily good for you, of course, but at least it's more wholesome than modern counterparts. Additionally, you can make your own mixes for yourself or others (use them as gifts--so easy to do, so much less shopping, and so yummy!).

Here's a simple pudding recipe to try just in time for the colder nights we're starting to have: (One of 169 old puddings in just one of your free downloads)

Apple and Honey Pudding
Raw Apples, cut in small pieces (to make 4 cups) About 5 apples
Three slices of bread, shredded, or bread crumbs
Butter, two teaspoons
cinnamon, two teaspoons
Honey, 1/2 cup
Hot water, 1/2 cup (substitute apple juice or cider, if you prefer.)

Put a layer of the apple in a greased oven-proof dish
Then a layer of crumbs
Mix the honey and hot water, and pour a little over the crumbs.
Sprinkle with cinnamon, then dot with a few pats of butter.
Fill the dish with alternate layers of apples, crumbs, honey,
and spices, leaving a layer of crumbs on top. (Optional: Sprinkle with sugar)
Cover and bake in a 350F.oven for 45 minutes.
Serve with cream.

Simple, and yummy. Enjoy.

Another post will detail the Christmas Feast, old-English style. Stay tuned.

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