Friday, November 14, 2008

This Christmas, And Always!

Towards the end of the Regency, book sellers got wise to the fact that books make great gifts and developed a special compilation in an exquisite binding called, "The Keepsake." It was intended for women, had a beautiful, cloth-bound cover, and was a compendium of poems, short stories, illustrations, fashion, and essays--everything a woman would like, all beneath the covers of this special gift book. It sold so well for Christmas that it became an annual staple in bookshops, and a counterpart for men was even published. Sales, even then, decided what books would be supported by a publisher.

You don't have to be a book publisher to know that books make a great gift. And if you choose from the hundreds of new inspirational fiction books available at Christian Book or any other bookstore, you know you're giving adventure and romance, or suspense and chills, a mini-vacation, all in one economical gift! That's what I call a wise choice in these days of watching one's pennies. I love to give books as gifts--both fiction and non-fiction--just ask my kids! If I didn't get them books, they'd feel cheated!

Give a book or two this Christmas. Be sure to give books of the sort that you would like to support. Publishers today watch, just as they did, then.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something Borrowed!

The following post is straight-from-the-blog of fellow author Megan DiMaria. We evidently think alike since I could have written it. Plus, we're both scheduled on the fun Christian Bookworm Reviews "Countdown" appearing on that site next month.
Hope you enjoy my borrowed post!

Yes, believe it or not, the holidays are coming. Christmas commercials are on TV, and that joyous season is in full swing in just about every retail store around.

I love Christmas and all that it means. Our Savior has come! Peace (in hearts) on Earth! Sharing love with those most dear to us!

This year I'm thrilled to be able to participate in a countdown to Christmas on the Christian Bookworm Reviews site. Each day a different author will share a special Christmas memory or a Christmas excerpt from their book.

If you stop by and leave a comment, you'll be eligible to win free books.

Here's a rundown of participating authors:
Day 1 – Cara Putnam
Day 2 – Lena Dooley
Day 3 – Susan Page Davis
Day 4 – Darlene Franklin
Day 5 – Tamela Hancock Murray
Day 6 – Megan DiMaria
Day 7 – Robyn Bayne
Day 8 – Rhonda (rcwriter)
Day 9 – Michelle Sutton
Day 10 – Marilynn Griffith
Day 11 – Vickie McDonough
Day 12 – Lynette Sowell
Day 13 – Robert Elmer
Day 14 – Joan Hochstetter
Day 15 – Linda Hargrove
Day 16 – Linore Rose Burkard
Day 17 – Missy Tippens
Day 18 – Tiffany Amber Miller
Day 19 – Dee Stewart
Day 20 – Sharon Ewell Foster
Day 21 – Robin Jones Gunn
Day 22 – Lauraine Snelling
Day 23 – Marcia Ramsland
Day 24 – Irene Brand

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Holiday Prayer

Thought I'd link to a sweet-sounding Christmas romance book for those who look for such things to enjoy during this, the "most wonderful time of the year."
It's called, A Holiday Prayer and looks like good clean fun with a romance to boot.

It's not a historical romance, but hey, I'm not prejudiced (even if this blog is primarily about Christmases 200 years ago). Old English Christmases are uniquely fun and offer great treats in reading of them, but we are living today, and I'm flexible!

Let me know if you get this book, how you liked it! Got a book to recommend? Send along your suggestions. Thanks, and stay tuned for more great recipes and quintessentially English Christmas posts, including many more fashion prints from the Regency.

PS: The contest is still going on! Just read a post or two and leave a comment and you're entered to win the entire Regency Christmas Book package!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's Happening Now!

The Christmas Book Contest is LIVE! For the next three weeks I'll be giving away two more copies of the Regency Christmas Book package! (I have two winners already, names will be posted after I hear back from them.)

Leave a comment now! Look around and respond to one post--I'll check comments by date, and you'll be entered in the contest.

To see the huge Christmas package and all the bonus gifts, stop by the Christmas book page on my website: HERE . Have fun with a dash into the past of the holiday season.