Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Holiday Prayer

Thought I'd link to a sweet-sounding Christmas romance book for those who look for such things to enjoy during this, the "most wonderful time of the year."
It's called, A Holiday Prayer and looks like good clean fun with a romance to boot.

It's not a historical romance, but hey, I'm not prejudiced (even if this blog is primarily about Christmases 200 years ago). Old English Christmases are uniquely fun and offer great treats in reading of them, but we are living today, and I'm flexible!

Let me know if you get this book, how you liked it! Got a book to recommend? Send along your suggestions. Thanks, and stay tuned for more great recipes and quintessentially English Christmas posts, including many more fashion prints from the Regency.

PS: The contest is still going on! Just read a post or two and leave a comment and you're entered to win the entire Regency Christmas Book package!

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