Thursday, October 18, 2007

Make it Real

You know, when I wrote Regency House Christmas, I was aiming to tear the veil away from the shroud of mystery over the holiday at the very turn of the 19th century, when the hedonistic regency was about to begin, and England had still not fully recovered from the earlier bans on the holiday. During the process, however, I became so enamored of the quaint customs, the quiet expressions of faith and joy, that I realized history, once again, had something to teach us for today.

When you read my book, I would encourage you to put on a pair of "virtual" headphones (to protect the atmosphere the book creates for you); to snuggle up somewhere quietly and immerse yourself in the period. Select a yummy holiday drink from the free recipe book (the download link is IN the book) before sitting down, or just help yourself to one of your own favorites--and get comfy.

Choose a heartwarming tale, a poem, an excerpt--throw a few logs on the fire if you have one, or light an aromatic candle (fir-tree, balsam, cookie-dough, anything that conjures up a seasonal feeling in the air) and give yourself a virtual bubble-bath of 19th century holiday charm.

When you're ready to return to life, you'll be refreshed.

More ideas ahead. But don't forget--get a copy of the book today before the price goes higher!

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