Friday, October 19, 2007

Make it Happen!

Wondering how to make this year better than previous ones?
It has to start somewhere.

Have there been elements of past seasons that you do NOT want to re-live?
Something may have to change.
Sometimes, a big change is necessary. Often, however, making little tweaks here or there can make a BIG difference, transforming your overall holiday experience almost effortlessly.

How can this be?

Because it is the little things that add up to an "overall" experience. Consequently, little changes can bring about huge results.

Where to start? I have the perfect suggestion.
Since it's really the quietness of the season that most of us miss or never get to experience, (parades, shows, parties, exhibits are all fun, but it's when you nestle down cosily in front of your own tree, burn a candle, and muse near a fireplace or stove, that peace can descend) it stands to reason that finding a way to include this into your December can enhance your holiday immeasurably. Having loved ones nearby enjoying the same experience multiplies the effect, but even if you're by yourself you can enjoy some soul-renewing warmth.

My Prescription:
A 19th Century night is in order! (Perhaps a mere 19th century hour or two will do.) Here's how to do it: Having my ebook ahead of time will make it all much simpler, but even without it you can still do this.

Turn off the lights except for the tree and other decorations if you have them; If you've already obtained some of your favorite Christmas music, play it very softly, because it's only for background effect. Light some candles, preferably aromatic seasonal ones. If you've a fireplace or wood-burning stove, use it!

Print out a small selection of the numerous choices of "Fireside Reading" that came with your Regency Christmas Book from me.

Now--get comfy. Make sure you're warm. Zip up a holiday treat (from the numerous ideas in the recipe downloads you get with the book.) One of my favorites is
"Fireside Coffee Mix," on page 67 of the "Easy Gifts in a Jar" recipe book. (It's ridiculously easy and inexpensive to make the scrumptious recipes in this ebook, so why do we ever buy the chemical-laden ready-made junk from the store?) So, when you've got a steaming mug of Fireside Coffee or another hot libation of your choice (there are many mouth-watering suggestions in the book) put up your feet, rest your weary head, and:

Enjoy! Savor! Smile! Laugh! Go back in time. To truly experience a 19th century night, you can whip up a wonderful wassail or mulled cider to enhance your evening. (How to make it? It's in the book, of course!)
In another post I'll discuss the various types of wonderful reading I've prepared for you. I have specially hand-picked recommendations for music, too, which will help evoke the era.

When you leave your cosy retreat back in time to resume your 21st century life, you'll find yourself feeling comforted, a bit more rested, and better able to face whatever is before you. How's that for a merry Christmas treat?

More next time,
Stay tuned!
Blessings in abundance,

PS: With all the new, free bonuses (see below "Make it a Steal" for details)and the ones still coming, it makes getting this book a no-brainer! The value of the package FAR exceeds the cost, and there is a six month money-back guarantee, to boot!

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