Friday, October 31, 2008

Got (19th Century) Comfort Food?

Today's post is an autumnal treat from a 19th century Food Group I'm in. Comfort Food in a snap, if you will. Pies like this are good not only during the fall, but right through to New Year's. It's easier than apple pie from scratch, but gives you the same feeling of Autumn or winter. (The fact that it's from an Ohio cookbook from the 19th century makes it especially fun for me, since I live in Ohio now.)

Here is the recipe for Apple Butter Custard Pie. Enjoy!


Beat together four eggs, one tea-cup apple-butter, one of sugar, one level
table-spoon allspice, add one quart sweet milk and pinch of salt; bake in
three pies with an under-crust;(I suspect that a deep dish, one-crust shell, would do nicely.) and, by the way, never omit a pinch of salt in custard and lemon pie, and, in fact, many
kinds of fruit pies, such as green-apple, currant, gooseberry and pie-plant, are improved by it.

My suggestion is to bake this for 45-55 minutes at about 350F. and then test with a knife. This is how I'll be making it this weekend! I'll let you know how it turns out!

This recipe is from Buckeye Cookery, And Practical Housekeeping, the 1877

(special thanks to Susan Odom for posting this to the list)
As the Season of Christmas gets closer, I'll be sharing more wonderful Regency era 19th century recipes.


ladystorm said...

mmmmmmm, that pie sounds great and not to hard to kind of Hope it turned out great.


Deborah said...

I do liviing history in the 18th & 19th centuries and can't wait to try this in a dutch oven.

Faith said...

I love to cook, but my kitchen is just too small. It's more of a chore now than an enjoyment.

Cool contest! Found it on Trinity's group.