Thursday, February 7, 2008

Christmas All Year

I love hearing from readers. Many have said that there is just so much crammed into this book (especially when you include all the bonus ebooks) that they couldn't take it all in at once. It reminded me that I should tell you, if you're a fan of the Regency or Christmas history, (especially an English Christmas), then Regency House Christmas: The Definitive Guide to a Remarkably Regency Yuletide! (which is loaded with facts, stories, pictures, poems and even food-- in the form of authentic recipes) can keep you up to your ears in Regency style all year.

When you get weary of the daily grind, or just want a mini-escape, remember that you have, right on your desktop or wherever you filed it away, an escape to Regency England awaiting you. Delve into the poetry one day; or choose one short story; or read about the Charitable giving of the time; or pick a "Collect" from the Book of Common Prayer; it may just speak to your heart, as it often did to Jane Austen's. Speaking of Jane, you may want to read one of her prayers aloud, or to yourself;
follow it up by making yourself a merry libation or a syllabub.

Nothing like dessert ("afters") Regency style!
(What? Don't have a copy of the ebook, yet? What, I must ask, are you waiting for?
All of the bonuses are still included. Get your copy today! at my secure website .

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