Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Christmas Book is Growing

Did you know that when you get "Regency House Christmas" you've bought all future additions and add-ons--at no extra cost? It's like making an investment in a fund that grows so that your final value is much greater than your initial cost. I research and add new material every year, but you only pay once, upon purchase, for the ebook. This is a great deal, and wonderful news for any Christmas lover or history buff--especially regency fans, of course. So get a copy soon--don't wait for the next Christmas season to come around, because before next season I may have to put an end to this perk. I do love researching the Regency, however, so rest assured that more material is definitely forthcoming! You'll love it.

PS: Technical difficulties getting the new Index and Table of Contents working properly, made me stop posting this December. I didn't feel right continuing to advertise a product I was hoping to offer in a much-improved format, only to be foiled by the technical stuff. If you have the ebook, don't worry; you WILL get the "new and improved ebook" when it is finally as I want it. You'll find it easier to navigate, bigger than ever, and with a full index. The Regency? You've got to love it.

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