Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

I just saw a great article called Keeping-Christ-In-and-Stress-Out-of-Christmas with some great ideas for over-frenetic souls. If the rush of the season is burning out your joy, you might want to click the link (above) and see the full article.

I believe that keeping Christ in Christmas is THE single most important way to revive flagging hearts and souls. In the Regency Christmas Package, there are a couple of downloads that can help you do just that, not to mention the pages of beautiful poetry and snippets of hymns that emphasize the holiness of the season.

For historic interest as well as an uplift in your spirit, the three famous prayers of Jane Austen--that most famous regency author--are in the book. (Despite all the Hollywood hoopla cashing in on Jane, there isn't much notice of her faith and devotion to the Lord. Her prayers are sweet evidence of them, however, and worthy of being read aloud to the family during a December night at dinner or afterwards. You'll want to print them out to read more than once.)

For times of quiet reflection or boisterous singing, there are two separate downloadable ebooks --both included in the package--of Regency era carols, hymns, ballads and even a short play that can be acted out. Another great print-out you can take advantage of.

If you decide to hold a 19th century night (see my other posts on this page for how to do this easy, yet season-altering activity) you'll want to print out some of the many "Fireside Stories" I stuffed into the book, to enjoy at leisure.

I can guarantee that if you simply plan a few nights--even if you don't get to it until after Christmas--your experience of this holiday will improve. Your family will have new memories to boot. They'll forget most of what was unwrapped rather quickly--but time spent together, either using the games in the book, or some of the reading, or other ideas--will last a lifetime.

PS: I've kept the package at a family-friendly price--in fact, it's a bargain! Over $300 worth of value right now, for less than $15. It's last year's price but bigger and better than ever! You'll discover a new era (the Regency) that you didn't know you loved, and you and your family or friends will discover that Christmas really can be the most wonderful time of the year!

PSS: Price is going up on December 1st or thereabouts. Please hurry!
You can grab a copy using the button on this page, or go here:
The Christmas Book Page Enjoy and be blessed!

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