Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas was Good ( a personal note)

Christmas was good--for once we satisfied the children, no tears, no
"I didn't get such and such," etc. But you know what? The most wonderful
materialistic Christmas doesn't satisfy the soul, does it? I think all the unwrapped presents actually emphasize the poverty to be found in seeking fulfillment from gifts and "stuff."

I have started to belatedly read my advent devotional (Calvin Miller) and it's like
SO obvious--leave Christ out, even when you are not consciously doing so--and the holiday leaves you longing for more. Returning to God's gift of His SON is really what this holiday is all about.

I'm still glad the kids were all happy with their gifts, but I want to look outwardly more during this time for now on. Think OUTside the box, outside our little family circle and close friends. Last year (and I'm sorry I didn't have
time to plan it in this year) I took all my kids with me and went to a local hospital and gave one of my books to the patients on one floor who were going to be there for Christmas (I did this on Christmas Eve day).
Nothing can beat the great feeling you get just from GIVING.

Do you ever feel like you just can't "afford" Christmas this year? I believe that t what I really can't afford is to forget the real giving. The giving to strangers, to those who can't repay me with thanks or gratitude or gifts. For now on, I want to make it one of our traditions. To visit a hospital or nursing home and give out a number of my latest book, or someone else's book, or just cheer and good will--to those who need a lift, a reminder that God loves them, even if they're in the hospital, and even though they're in there for Christmas.

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